Sunday, July 28, 2013

Real life abortion story - Let's call her Brody

To humanize this discussion, I asked people to send in some real life stories. I have not even typo corrected these. Please understand these are as REAL as I can provide.

I have a personal story.. When I was 7 years old my mom met a man that she thought was great but behind that greatness was a dark side and when she was not around he molested me and my younger sister when he raped me and I told finally her what was happening he was finally put in jail. Why I am sharing this is because I know that if I had been 14 and this happened it might of ended with a child and one that would not of been very loved by me and I know that instead of bringing it to birth I would of wanted the ability to remove the baby I believe because of my experience in the past that there are very legit reason why a woman should be able to choose while I do feel a life is a life and should be respected in every way there are those reasons whatever they may that a woman needs to have the right over there bodys.vil.

Please share YOUR story with and I will make your story into a blog post. Stay as general as you like. No need to identify anyone. I’m changing names to start with A-Z as the case may be.

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