Friday, May 8, 2015

What is the Prolifebirth, Probirth, Anti-Choice, Anti-Abortion, "Pro-Life" Endgame? Think about it.

I live in Texas. In Austin. Three miles from the State Capitol. It's a short walk to see what's happening in politics here in the Lone Star State. And ever since I started looking into women's rights issues, I've been seeing what seems to be a groundswell of probirth, prolivebirth, anti-choice, anti-abortion, "pro-life" sentiment. And it's not just in Texas; it's worldwide.
It has made me question what is the endgame? 
I believe it is complete control of women. I could wax poetic but that's my estimation. What did women do wrong? Are they rtoo powerful? Is it because they aren't men? Because men want to "save them?" Are they threatened by them? Did they take too many male jobs in WW II, so they are a threat to the "American Way of Life," where men hold the jobs and get their wives pregnant? Or are they enjoying sex?
I think there is a bit of truth in each of those. But if the rally cry is "Abortion is Murder," the end result is that women are subjugated to men. How else could it play out?
Back to my point about Texas.
Texas has a whole heap of egotistical, ignorant, intolerant, superstitious, sanctimonious, intolerant, sexist, misogynistic, backwards, bigoted humans living here. And some of those people have gerrymandered the state so they believe they are the majority. I won't even touch on who has whom in their lobbyist's pockets.
These people's day will come. When the American people finally balance their democracy, and fair representation is available, this type of tyranny will end. (I can dream).
In the meantime, let's erode our rights, one slut shamed at a time. You see, it is very convenient. Something that makes your tribe "better" than my tribe in an irrefutable, logical, rational, humane, hidden behind "women's health safety" manner. Abortion. That'll do it. It has everything. It bleeds so it leads. It has sex, women, girls, sex, lust, power, daddy issues, mommy issues, babies, children, families, economics, eugenics, NAZIs, Chinese atheism, state control, health issues, cancer, STDs, rape, incest, child endangerment, prostitution, arrests, criminals, murderers, Satan, atheism, racism, and don't even think about leaving out religion. It sells everywhere to every segment of the population. Just think of how much money has been collected by those non-profit businesses that tell everyone that they need to give them money to fight the evil [insert side you are opposing].
You are being fleeced of your money and your rights. Sure "helping" "those women" and "their babies" feels good now, but it's a drug. It only lasts for a short while. What happens when that hit wears off? Where is the next line?
Without that "enemy," you're going to need to raise more money because well, we needed those donations and new tribe members. Time to make a new enemy. Why not create one?
It'll have to be something to do with sex again. It sells. Big time.
Well, we got everyone riled up about abortion, and that made us a lot of donations, so let's keep it rolling! Not rallied yet? How about we combine it with TAXES! Get those laws in there! Did the buzz wear off? I think we can rile up those parents! Let's add in EDUCATION! 
Where's the next hit?
Really, what IS the next twist on TRAP laws? You know the cycle never ends. When women can only have sex for reproduction, it isn't going to be enough.
Whether anyone is willing to admit it or not, these religiously backed and funded laws have done a lot of damage in the entire world so far and this TRAP law cancer in America is relentless.
There are 2-6 prolivebirth anti-choice bills submitted PER DAY across the USA. There is only so much one person can do to stop this. I am sure you've all seen this from me so much you are sick of it, but it REALLY is this bad.
I may seem to be wasting my time, arguing my "side" forevermore, but if it helps one person make their OWN decision, no matter what it is, then it is worth it.
People need the facts. And they need to know that guilt is not something you need to have drive your personal decisions. Abortion is one of the safest medical procedures in the world. One in three women are... I am not going to list the stats. The stats are available to anyone with Google.
Women's reproductive freedom is everyone's freedom. Reproductive freedom is having the ability to make a compassionate decision with your own doctor without having a room full of guilt being pushed upon you in a moment of great decision. Women decide. Women. Not the state.
A word of caution, TRAP supporters... 
Be careful what you wish for. You may not like the world you get. The state does not deserve that kind of power. Too many people are giving the state that power willingly.
Not me.
Ask yourself: when are we going to finally, once in for all, treat women like people and not property? How much should you allow the state to regulate vaginas, doctor visits, or women's sex drives?
If men aren't having their parts legislated, it sounds like slut shaming to me. What would make you feel like we are truly "protecting" women?

Where is YOUR next line?