Sunday, July 28, 2013

Real life abortion story - Let's call her Carly

To humanize this discussion, I asked people to send in some real life stories. I have not even typo corrected these. Please understand these are as REAL as I can provide.

A good friend of mine in college had to drop out due to an unwanted pregnancy (which we later discovered was from rape. She had sadly been too embarrassed and shocked to admit it had been rape). Her parents nevertheless knew what caused the pregnancy, but due to their strict religious beliefs they threatened to cut her off completely if she got an abortion. She carried the baby to term, but you could see the shame and embarrassment in her eyes almost every day. She eventually had to drop out, because she could no longer play soccer and lost her athletic scholarship. It was maddening. She ended up giving the baby up for adoption and hasn't spoken to her parents for almost three years now. It's just infuriating that situations like hers still happen in modern times.

Please share YOUR story with and I will make your story into a blog post. Stay as general as you like. No need to identify anyone. I’m changing names to start with A-Z as the case may be.

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