Monday, December 12, 2016

Changing the Face of Our House on Chicon Street

Over the last few weeks, we've been making some changes to the house as we've finally gotten all of the stuff out of our previous home.

One of the changes on deck is utilizing some vintage, etched glass doors rescued from a bank. We bought these almost 20 years ago and they were simply too large for us to do anything with! They sat in our garage since they were brought home.

Matt's prepping the left column for concrete
On Chicon, we have an open porch and my wife loves it out there. It's where many days have been planned and plots have been hatched and since it's been getting colder and we've gotten some rain, it's pretty obvious that we need to do something to make it more livable. We don't want to enclose the porch, or modify the house, so we had to keep all of that in mind as we started.

The doors, when placed side by side, just happen to be the same width as the porch... so they are going to be used to dress the front porch! I don't want to give away the ending of the story, but, wait... maybe I just did.

The Preparation

We wanted to be sure that they are level at the top, so the base had to be set up to allow for that. The side doors are shorter than the door, so they need to have a small support added for them under each.

But before that could be done... we had to lay out a solid base for each of those frames to be set upon. 

Mixing that awesome 'crete

Three posts and a lot of leveling

Full frontal

Left Side Window

Time for the first side window. Getting its frame laid out at the bottom was first, and then the door had to be lifted upon it, and then framed in as well. Crazy!

All the framing wood

She's in place!

Eyeing up the center door framing

The Center Door

Time to get the center door in place. Got to keep the whole picture in mind while it's getting framed. Plus that thing is heavy.

She's there!

A closer look 

Closer still!

A view from the inside

Right Side Window

After much planning and measuring, we put up the frame so that it missed the beam that is holding the awning over the front. It's just a perfect fit. It required a little re-jiggering of the center door's placement to keep it all centered, but we didn't have to change anything about how it's connected to the house. It will be 100% free-standing when completed. For now, there's a few beams making sure a hurricane doesn't blow it over.

Framing out the last side window

The Trinity!

What's Next?

We're still planning the next stage. The idea is that we're going to add "siding" to it so it looks similar to the front of the house. More updates as we move forward!

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  1. Earlier this week we were told we had to remove these and that we had to move in 60 days because they are going to refurbish the house.

    I have put plywood over the glass and had to cut the bases from the concrete. I haven't been able to move the structure because it is super heavy. We may have to take it apart.