Sunday, November 13, 2016

Don't Like the Election Results? One Simple Way to Move Forward.

Last week, America was shocked. Well, not everyone. Many people aren't surprised at all. Myself, I was expecting this. People are hurting. They are poor. They want something that they can believe in, and I believe that, finally, people have seen that the DNC is corrupted by money.

It is my contention that people voted against the DNC as well as for Trump. It's my contention that the DNC has lost its way.

The Democrats are supposed to be the party of the people. They lost their core. They have been deporting people in incredible numbers. They have been dropping bombs at unsustainable rates. They are funded by the corporations that are destroying the world. They are pushing "trade deals" that aren't going to help working class Americans. They support oil pipelines. They support fracking. They support regime change across the world. I could go on.

The way forward is to fix the DNC. They must completely re-define themselves and restart fresh. In my opinion, they already have all the ingredients. Take Bernie's platform. Make it the DNC's DNA. Hire people that live it and breathe it.

Does this election bother you? Do you want to make change? Don't want to wait for the next Presidential election to "fix it?" There are people that can't wait for the next election, so you're in luck! Here's what to do!

Find a group, a single local group, that you respect and go volunteer for a few hours a week. Do it today! I'm pouring my volunteerism into the Austin Clubhouse. I can make change work for their members on a daily basis. When you see, with your own eyes, and hear, with your own ears, the needs of your very own community, you'll see just how many people need your help. You'll feel and be involved. You'll be an agent of change. You'll make a difference, and you'll be able to sleep better every night.

Presidential politics take a long time to change. Invest in your community now. You'll see that change immediately. 

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