Sunday, October 16, 2016

Chicon Street Yard Improvements - Clearing the Fences

Continuing the saga of our move to east Austin, today was huge. First, our friend Kris came over and I surprised him with our new fire pit, which is a small galvanized tub (for now).

We had been burning some of our brush over the last couple of days and today we decided to get all of the brush taken care of before we'd stop. A few hours later, we put the last shovelful of sticks on while it all burned down to ash.

Once the brush was done, we discussed tilling the land and seeding it for new grass. At that point, my son woke up and we agreed that I'd buy him a new pair of Heely's for getting it all done and seeing grass sprout. It's going to be a lot of work.

Matt decided that he'd go for it, so he started raking the yard. Kris and I worked out that we wanted to have a compost pile, so we started moving a huge pile of wood, junk, and dirt from one side of the yard to the new location behind the shed.

This Area Is The Alley Owned By Neighbor Joe (Left Yard)

The Gulf Of Compost Must Be Crossed (Note House In Back)

New Compost Pile Behind Shed

It turns out that the side of the yard where that big pile was is part of the neighbor's land. It's an old "alley" that is still on the survey as his land. So, we're going to make it nice for him while we stay here. More info on that as this journey continues.

We have a wonderful family that lives behind us with a whole gaggle of kids that are really looking up to Matthew while he works in the back yard. Their family is very nice and the kids are playing in their backyard lots of the time, so we thought it would be nice if we'd cut down as much of the fence vines and low hanging branches so we could all see each other and talk freely. That was a lot of work, but the kids are very excited because we also went on their side of the fence and cut down everything so you can see through and above the fence easily. Very cool.

Pile Of Compost Prior to Move, Back Fence Still A Mess

Compost Being Moved


That work also resulted in a whole new bunch of brush that needs to be burned. This week we're going to have some more backyard fun burning that stuff in the fire pit.

I'm exhausted. Here's a new group of pics!

From Northwest Corner
From Northeast Corner
From Southwest Corner
From Southeast Corner

Until next update!

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  1. My son and I caught Poison Ivy so we stopped working out there for a while. Like a MONTH!