Sunday, March 8, 2015

Soylent 1.4 Journey 1.0

On Sunday, I made my first batch of Soylent. Over Sunday and Monday I went through a full day's worth and got rid of a few leftovers in between. This morning, Tuesday, I started a full day of 100% Soylent.

I followed the instructions as closely as I could. Filtered water at room temp and then straight in the fridge, overnight, for good measure.

I have decided to add coffee and stevia to it and it makes it taste like a chocolate shake; it's just not frozen. On its own, the kids say it taste like chalk and I can't say I disagree. I know I am going to want to flavor it with different things like fruit and things of that nature, but right now I'm just beginning this journey.

It was really weird looking at 100 percent of your food for the day. For breakfast, I had approximately one fifth of the filled, shaken, container, leaving the rest to be consumed later.

Around lunch time, I got hungry and made another coffee / stevia drink shake. A couple of the guys wanted to go next door for lunch so I accompanied them. Having been a vegan for a while, I really have no problem watching people eat super awesome tasty delicious food in front of me. I know this would never work for some people as 100% food intake.

Dinner was in two separate parts as I just drank it when I got hungry and stopped when I was full. Then an hour or two later, finished the rest.

As bedtime approached, I made my food for tomorrow and popped it in the fridge. Then I wandered the kitchen for some morsels. Having Soylent's container tell me I was done for the day kept me from looking for something to kinda fill me up / have awesome mouth feel. I know that sounds weird; deal with it.

So far no odd emotions or bathroom habits that I know of. Yes, that is what everyone wants to know. Nothing yet. We'll see. 

I don't know if it is connected with the emotions, but I actually wanted to straighten out my nightstand, and did, but couldn't figure out if that was connected. I hope it is; clutter is not soothing. Lots of weird stuff is cool, it just shouldn't be cluttered. Hmm...

Tomorrow should be interesting.

I can already tell that I am going to mix this into my "diet" (i.e. the definition of "what you eat," not food restrictions) along with other foods for no other reason than my health safety.

I am now starting to realize that I should tell my doctor before I go much further... I had a physical and blood work recently, so letting him know should be all I need to do. I'll call him in the morning.

No need to panic. It seems to me that where I am now is similar to having drank Ensure and / or breakfast drinks and fancy coffee for a little while. I'll be safe.

More than anything, I am certain I got more of a well-balanced diet today than I have in (very probably) my entire life. 

See you soon.

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